Detoxification And Cleansing In Naturopathy

We live in an industrialized world where the effects of many kinds of pollution have made a life in an environment where pure water, food, air, thoughts, emotions and actions . As a result our bodies are loaded with toxins that our natural processes of detoxification and cleansing are impaired or overloaded. Naturopathic techniques aimed at detecting this toxicity in our bodies can assist in their elimination in a natural and gentle way.


Detoxification happens as a continuous process that involves the elimination of poisonous products which are useless to the body. Detoxification practices can assist and kick start the natural inherent process of elimination resulting in achieving and maintaining the homeostatic health of our bodies. There are two parts to this, exogenous meaning coming from the environment and in to the body and endogenous, arising from within the body in the form of various by products of our metabolism.

These include intoxication and autointoxication. Intoxication happens when toxic substances are introduced into the body either by drinking, inhalation, ingestion or skin penetration. This type usually leads to accumulated substances that can lead to various health conditions. Auto-intoxication happens when there is poisoning by substances generated within the body. This happens when the body doesn’t fully neutralize the toxins or doesn’t properly eliminate them.

Purposes of detoxification and cleansing

Without proper elimination of toxins, the body’s cells can’t take in nutrients effectively as they will be filled with cellular wastes. This is the cause of body processes’ dysfunction and thus the occurrence of diseases like arthritis, stroke, heart attack and other neurological conditions. The intake of oxygen in to the cells may also be impaired and as a result can lead to organ failure.

Signs and symptoms of toxicity

Some of the most common symptoms of toxicity in the body include skin irritation, muscle weakness, aching, nerve pain and numbness, recurrent infections, sensitivity to chemicals, chronic fatigue, poor memory, anxiety and mood swings.

Natural processes

Detoxification usually looks at the greatest influences from the outer environment, that is, food, water and air and the influences from our inner environment which includes our actions, thoughts, and feelings. Breathing clean air includes reducing the use of vacuum cleaners in homes and reducing the impacts of allergens brought about by dust mites. Dust mites usually feed on the dead skin in furniture and carpets and excrete their wastes which are sent to the air. Drinking clean water that is not polluted and eating safe foods that are not adulterated should be an emphasis.

Many of the processed foods contain additives that can be adverse to human health, in the long run, eating whole foods that are not processed should be an emphasis. Many of the processed foods contain additives that can be adverse to human health in the long run. As earlier mentioned, most of the intoxication comes from our environment. By watching out on what we eat and drink and controlling different factors in the environment, a quality of life devoid of toxicity can be achieved.

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