The Four Pillars

In this,  the first episode of WeThrive’s “Live Long, Live Happy, Live Well” Series, Co- Founder,  Michael Lawlor gives us an overview on The Four Pillars of our whole well-being and on the importance of achieving a balance in these four areas.


The Power of the Mind

Episode 2 of the WeThrive’s “Live Well, Live Happy, Live Long” Series. Our co-Founder Michael Lawlor discusses “The power of the mind- a good servant but sometimes a bad master”.


The Body and Exercise

The body,  an amazing instrument for our use and how to look after it with exercise.


The Importance of good Gut Health

The Gut is often referred to as our second brain, good gut health needs to be bespoke for us, as individuals. There is no “one size fits all” in gut health, we need to understand our individual constitution and strike the balance between heating and cooling foods. Good nutritious food, that not only staves off hunger, but drives our cells, is something that we can all afford and can be accomplished on a budget, eat fresh local and organic whole foods and cut out processed.  


Managing our Emotions in a busy World

Life is Hectic, busy and sometimes chaotic! What coping mechanism do we have to fall back on, in times of stress and anxiety. In this episode, we talk about the reasons and solutions to this ever present problem. 


Sleep and why your body needs it !

In the episode, we talk about the importance of sleep in our lives and explore the ways in which we can enhance and improve it’s quality.


IBS and how you can manage naturally and effectively

Discover ways to manage your IBS symptoms with simple lifestyle changes 


Probiotics and prebiotics and why we need them

In this episode I talk about probiotics and prebiotics, the different types and how to nurture our microbiome! I explore the practices that can cause problems in our microbiome and give recommendations  on how to maximise the bacterial levels in your  gut .


Tea drinking and its huge benefits

In this episode you will learn about tea drinking and how it affects your body in a very positive way. We talk about Oxidative stress and how the Anti oxidants found in tea can battle its effects on our bodies.


Taking care of yourself in 2021

In this episode we explore the current pandemic and its effect on our lives mentally and physically. We explore ways to alleviate the pressure on ourselves and how to form new habits that last.

Season Two


Powering your immunity with food

Welcome to season 2, episode 1 of our new video podcast where we discuss our daily nutritional needs with Nutritional Therapist Paul Kinsella. We explore ways to strengthen our immune system with the power of food and talk about the role of vitamins and minerals and how they can enhance our immunity. 


Emotions and their effect on our health

In this episode, we discuss how the emotions we feel have an impact on the way our bodies function. We explore the mind-body connection and offer advice and strategies on how to recognize when this connection goes into overdrive and causes common and not-so-common stress symptoms with advice on how to lessen their impact.